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NFT play to earn games

Do you want your NFT collection to enter the metaverse?

We can create for you NFT games, get your NFT collection into the metaverse with characters or land in the game with the characteristics and rarity defined in the NFT properties, players play with the NFTs they buy from your collection!

(If you don’t have a NFT collection we can create it for you)

Do you have a NFT collection?

What we do

We’ll create a game based on your requirements, where players must have purchased at least one of your NFTs, be it the character or land, in order to play. The NFTs in the game will have the abilities defined in the NFT properties. (like the different glasses, or item).

We can integrate worldwide leaderboards, so every player will see the score of the others, and you will be able to see the MetaMask address of the players (or even the discord username or an email, whatever you prefer).

How it works

The player before playing will login with metaMask, and will play with the NFTs bought with the account he is logged in with.

With the leaderboard you will be able to give an NFT to the first one in the Leaderboard every month, so players will want to play your game to win an NFT, but they will also have to buy one to play.

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NFT Play to Earn Game

Crypto project we made


Survivor is a thrilling 3D multiplayer game that combines NFTs and cryptocurrency. Players can purchase unique NFT characters and access the game using their MetaMask wallet. With fast-paced gameplay and intense competition, players can enter the game using SURV tokens, and the survivor takes home all the tokens collected during the game. With its unique combination of NFTs, cryptocurrency, and intense gameplay, Survivor is a game that’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


This project is specifically designed for @Nakamonkes, offering an exciting gameplay experience centered around their project. It incorporates an innovative online leaderboard system exclusively for Nakamonkes holders, allowing them to showcase their prowess and compete for the top rankings.


Collect NFT spaceships, travel through space to get JIMN tokens, watch out for asteroids and ufos shooting at you!


To play the game you must own at least one Winter Boys. You’ll be able to play as that character! Get to the top of the Leaderboard and there’ll be a surprise for you! 


Collect NFT balls with different weights, throw them through the wall to earn the CROBA token, on the Cronos chain


Collect different NFT cars, drift and deliver as much sushi and pizza as possible! every delivery you make you win DRIFT tokens